Originally from Lowestoft in Suffolk, grew up loving the beach and swimming in all weathers. I lived in Liverpool for eight years and had an absolute ball. Great city, great people. I left because I was partying far too much and getting nothing else done. I moved to London where money doesn’t go far, had to clean up my act if I was going to survive. Couldn’t afford a pint in the pub so sat down and got some writing done finally. Having established a writing routine, I’ve moved back to the sea for some fresh air and fresh ideas.

I have been writing for over 10 years but it took a long time to get into a routine with writing. I read a self-help book called The Little Saboteur, which changed me from an occasional writer to a regular one. For a long time I wrote short stories and have around 50 hanging around in my computer. I also wrote a novel which is staying under my bed forever, nightmare to write and nightmare to read too. Finally I found myself writing crime books after the realization that I mostly read crime books so why not.