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27th November 2014: Nearly there…

I’m writing the third instalment of my series of crime books with Detectives Dave McDonald and Shirley Palmer. I am near the end of the first draft.

I could be finished by now, but life gets in the way. There’s meetings to go to. There’s a social life to be had. And then I stupidly start a fight with an old friend. Why’s that? Perhaps simply to avoid writing.

I had hoped to finish by Sunday. It is only possible now if I write all night long. Why the procrastination? Well, I’m worried of course. There’s the fear that grips me every time I think of writing… what if there aren’t enough twists and turns, or what if it doesn’t ring true? What if Dave’s madness isn’t deep enough or dark enough? And what if it doesn’t make me laugh? Panic panic! Deep breath, deep breath.

I am writing today, I am, I am. I’m writing because I’m not too tired. I’m writing because I want to finish the book now I’ve started it. It would be crazy not to. I have the book planned and I’ve got into the characters’ heads. It has been fun so far, exciting and I just need to build up some momentum again. I’m writing because there is nothing on TV anyway, and I’m writing because if I didn’t I would be an alcoholic.

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