12th March 2015

Written by  on June 3, 2015 

Book three has had a difficult birth. At first I didn’t feel the passion I felt for the previous two. I thought why I am doing this? I’m only doing it because I said I’d write five and now I feel I need to. I almost gave up. I almost said, forget writing altogether.

But middles are always hard for me.

I find that within a novel too. The middle is always the bit that makes me ring up my mum and say that’s it, I quit. She gave me good advice in November. My mum said why don’t you finish this one then take a break from writing for a while. So I did it. I carried on. I completed the first draft, albeit not the best effort.

I’m lucky I have a good supportive publisher and he was honest with me. Thank God for that. I was encouraged to rewrite it and as I did, I found my passion again. I found the excitement of challenging myself. I found my passion for the characters and their lives. Now I can’t wait to write the next book.

Book 3 is nearing completion now, publication coming soon…

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